Frequently asked questions:
1.) Can I wash my Pashmina?
You can wash your Paschmina cold by hand or with a modern wool wash in the washing machine. After the wash, it is recommended to dry the scarf with a towel and to dampen it. You can find more information on washing here: Care .

2.) What is Changgangi wool?
Changtangi wool is a special wool that comes from the Changtangi. This goat breed is native to the Himalayan region of Changtang. Here it gets cold in winter -35 ° C. As a result, the undercoat of these goats is particularly fine. It was previously advertised as cashmere wool because cashmere wool is famous worldwide. On the page: Knowledge about Pashminas and in our blog post: What is Changtangi wool learn more.

3.) Are you Fair Trade Certified?
Unfortunately we are not certified yet. But we know all manufacturers personally and are committed to a transparent trade from person to person. Our suppliers are small family businesses, nomads and dyers. Our weaving mill has 40 employees. We visited all business premises and are satisfied with the working conditions. Learn more about our weaving mill: Seelwanti Shawls Industry

4.) What happens to the wastewater after dyeing with chemical textile dyes?
Our scarves have been dyed by Nabib Khan and his brothers in Delhi so far. After staining, the wastewater enters the Delhi sewage system and is sent to sewage treatment plants. We do not know how effective they are.

5.) When will you offer natural colors at CHANGTANGI?
We have already offered natural colors at Christmas time. However, the scarf is currently bleeding too hard to sell online without consulting. We are working on the further development of natural colors and wish to be able to offer you our natural colors from September 2018 onwards.

6.) Are your Pashminas also suitable for men?
Yes, just for shaved men. Bearded bearers will not be happy with our Paschminas, because the beard can cause a small part of the wool to dissolve out of the spun yarn, forming a plum.

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